Training Topics

Building the skills to be productive and resilient in your administration role

Administration is the achilles heel in any business, how do you balance the demands, the time restraints and politics? This training will assist you in regaining balance while adding to your already diverse skill suite.

How to choose the higher ground and build a strong reputation in the process

Ethics in business are the unsaid as much as the said;  they are the building blocks of reputations and they should form the checks and balances for all decisions.  This training will explore how to stay true to your values and ethics in business.

How to identify your buttons and build strategies on how to take control of your reactions

As human beings we are emotionally charged, some more so than others, and sometimes those emotions can be stronger than we desire or intend.  Learn how to identify your emotional buttons, and how to regain stronger levels of control.

How to strategically choose your responses and build your confidence in the process

When we are faced with decisions, especially unexpected situations, we tend to react instead of responding.  Take the time in this training to investigate the difference and choose your responses, training yourself how to have those responses ready at all times.

How to move your team from resistance to engagement during change processes

Change!  It has almost become a dirty word in business.  Mostly due to poorly managed change processes.  Change has the potential to be viewed as a challenge or a punishment, learn how to take the time to build a change process that engages your team.

Building a culture of respect, courtesy and dignity in the workplace

Workplaces talk about their organisational values and behaviours, and how these are required.  How do you build a workplace where these organisational values and behaviours are desired, encouraged and sought?  Come and find out.

Building workplace culture through effective coaching and mentoring

It was once written that effective mentoring was ‘as iron sharpens iron’, where both parties can learn from the other – is they choose!  Come and join other like minded managers, learn how to build a culture where everyone is keen to learn from each other at all levels.

How to eat an elephant a bite at a time – taking challenges and processing them into digestible pieces

Decisions, challenges and learning are all part of our lives.  How can you break down the overwhelming situations into bite size pieces? Believe it or not, this is a common block for most people as they develop in their career, let us give you some tips and strategies.

How to understand others, resulting in building teams who are interdependent and highly productive

People are so complex, and yet with a few basic keys you can learn to understand them better, reflect on yourself more accurately, consider alternative outcomes and build teams that are more focused and productive as a result.  Find out more!

Gaining the skills to engage a diverse group around an agreed agenda while encouraging active involvement

Our workplaces are becoming like small cultural hotspots, with people from different countries of origin, genders, ages, religions, levels of ability, values and personalities.  Learn how to celebrate the differences while fine tuning the focus to get results.

How to reduce the cost of conflict in your workplace

Conflict is going to happen whereever you have two or more people, so if it is inevitable what are your strategies for managing it?  Poorly managed conflict is one of the highest costs of any business and lead to longterm stress claims and civil action as well as people scarred for life. Take the time to become confident in dealing with conflict early and in a risk management manner.

Building a culture where individuals seek feedback they can use to improve their interpersonal relation

Relationships in the workplace are a mine field, every individual has different expectations of what their workplace should provide for them, how people should treat them, how much support they deserve.  Explore together how to align the individual’s expectations with the business’s goals and objectives, while providing a safe and supportive workplace.

Building a culture where individuals seek feedback on performance and apply the learning voluntarily

Performance Appraisals were designed as a developmental tool, and yet they are viewed as something to be feared by managers and staff in most workplaces.  How do some managers achieve a culture where everyone seeks feedback regularly, and engages in the required development to address their shortfalls voluntarily?  Listen to some great case studies and try their models yourself.

Growing confidence in writing, preparing and delivering presentations to groups

We all will find a time when we need to talk to others, from job interviews to workplace presentations.  There is clear evidence that the right preparation greatly reduces nerves and anxiety for all of us.  Let us help you to ‘be prepared’ so you can learn to enjoy the journey.

Building strategies to manage overload at work and developing a healthy margin in the process

Doing more with less is the catch cry of every department, organisation and business.  So how can you stretch further?  How can you switch off when you go home?  How can you have a quality of life while feeling empty inside?  How do you refill your emotional tank when you get to the end of the day or week?  Take home some new ways of thinking and some strategies to rebuild a healthy margin.

How to celebrate difference, embrace diversity and build a focused team

If everyone you worked with was just like you it would be soooo easy … ?  It would also become very hard, very frustrating and very limited.  So how can you deliberately build teams that are very different, with complementary skills, obvious variety in their operational and communication style, and still achieve results?  In fact, done well they can actually excel due to the differences!

How to live your life, enjoy it, and still be highly productive in the workplace

Do you feel like you live to work sometimes?  Do you desire to work to live most times? Do you struggle with the competing demands in your life?  Explore how to regain balance in your life, reclaim your life and still have career goals and aspirations.