We have two training agendas:

Customised Training

We have a proven track record of developing training programs to meet identified needs and to build the capacity of the identified audience. These range from 1hour information sessions as topics to engage employees, with an unlimited range of topics. Through to half and full day program, at this stage with over 80 built program suites covering all areas of people development and people management in the workplace. We can then take any of those topics, build a conference agenda, build a retreat program or develop new topics as required by consultation.

Regional TRaining Program

We have identified the need for high quality training in all regional and rural areas of Australia accessible by individuals or small enterprises. Therefore we have build a Regional Training Program which initially offers 27 different regional locations, and 17 topics to be delivered by high quality trainers using proven Adult Learning techniques and facilitated learning models. Furthermore the option on the booking sheet is to allow for topics to be suggested, and for preferred month of delivery to be chosen, this allows for inclusion of an extra region in to the schedule if enough interest is realised.