change management

We engage with you and your team to develop strategic layers of support and intervention as you consider your change process. While we can refer and assist with system change our focus is the ability of your people to engage in the change process. We help them to consider the impact prior to announcements as well as coach managers and decision makers around the timing and content of the various stages of the process. We aim to build the resilience and coping strategies of your people and provide support on the day of announcements for individuals across all levels. Following announcements we can assist with outplacement for those who are leaving the team while rebuilding those who are remaining to provide a strong team moving forward under the new structure. Our experience shows there is never a presumed model for this type of support. Whilst we have 5-step and multiple layer models, the success of this support is higher-level engagement very early in the process to ensure all potential risks are identified and mitigated.


We partner with you to provide a level of support for any of your people who are exiting the organisation.  This support is designed to assist them on several layers:

Coping with the emotional journey of their exit therefore allowing them to leave well 

Assisting them to apply for other employment

Career coaching

Resume development

Interview technique

Personal development around feedback they received during their last employment situations to allow them to use the time strategically to develop and grow and thereby consider the benefits of the changeLead-in coaching to assist them to transition into their new employment to allow them to build confidence and strategies which will assist in their embedding within the new team